Refunds (money-back guarantee) and chargebacks

Refunds (money-back guarantee)


A buyer may request a refund from LeaderTelecom B.V. during 14 days from the date when services were provided. LeaderTelecom B.V. also provides the non-refundable services (e.g. Issuing of Code Signing certificates etc.). You may collect more information about non-refundable services on or ask by e-mail (). Rightful refund should be requested by e-mail (). The buyer will only receive a single refund per order.

Please be advised that all Entrust certificates are non-refundable. Also in regards to all Entrust certificates we can only accept wire transfer as a payment option. 



A chargeback occurs after a buyer contacts their credit card issuer to dispute a charge that appears on their credit card statement. Chargebacks may be issued for a number of reasons including but not limited to the following:

  • Expired authorization of the buyer's credit card or bank processing error;
  • Duplicate billing, incorrect amount billed;
  • An unauthorized party has made a purchase with the buyer's credit card or identity theft.

Questions about these statements may be submitted by an email to