Sponsoring LIR

Why Do You Need a Sponsoring LIR?

According to the policy RIPE NCC, each end user must have an agreement with the service LIR. If there is no such agreement, then you, as the holder of independent provider of Internet resources, will be notified of the RIPE NCC that within 30 days, of your resources will be withdrawn from use and returned to the free pool.

What is a Sponsoring LIR?

A Sponsoring LIR is a member of RIPE NCC, which helps communication between end users and RIPE NCC. A Sponsoring LIR provides reliability of data in the database RIPE NCC for its customers, for activities such as, for example, updating your contact information and changing the routing policy.

LeaderTelecom — your reliable LIR!

Assignment (one-time fee) Renewal of assignment (annual).
PI network of any size not possible €75,00 Buy
Autonomous System AS 32bit or 16bit €99,00 €75,00 Buy