LIR — is a member of the RIR, such as RIPE NCC. LIR is responsible for the allocation and registration of Internet number resources at the local level. Status LIR usually get Internet service providers (ISP), telecommunication companies, large companies and academic institutions.

LIR receive blocks of addresses from RIPE NCC and assign IP- addresses to its clients . In accordance with current policy RIPE NCC, the new LIR may receive no more than / 22 (1024) IPv4 address block / 29 IPv6 addresses and Autonomous System.

The cost of our services include:

  • Advising on the status of LIR, pricing policy RIPE NCC;
  • Send requests for LIR, IPv4, IPv6- addresses, AS;
  • Registration related objects in the RIPE;
  • Communication with the RIPE for the address space.
Service One-time payment for LIR status Annual support
LIR status €750,00 €350,00 per year